Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kawaii Baby Mom Label OS Minky Bamboo Review

So this is a long overdue review about my first cloth diaper: Kawaii Baby Mom Label OS Minky Bamboo.

You can find the initial review and description of the diapers here.

In this review, I'll just jot down the pros and cons when I used these diapers.

*Not stay-dry
*Although it says 8lbs-35lbs, it did not fit my daughter properly until about 10lbs.
*Up until 2months, we used just one 3-layer insert (it came with 2 3-layer inserts per diaper). After that, we had to use both inserts otherwise she would have a leak.
*Drying time is longer compared to a CD with microfleece and a microfiber insert.
*Prepping must be done separate from other non-organic diapers.
*It stains easily (but laying them out in the sun takes care of it)

*Bamboo is better for your baby's skin rather than synthetic materials like microfleece.
*has two rows of snaps for a better fitting cloth diaper.
*Never had a rash. Even if I've left the diaper on her for 5hours.
*Love, love, love the minky outer, So soft! But not all of them are minky. The stars pattern were not minky.
*Waterproof material is made of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) and supposedly better than PUL (Polyurethane Laminate).
*It has a strip of waterproof material on the front for tummy sleepers.
*No leaks.

I love these diapers even if they take quite a while to dry. We don't use them often enough because I now prefer Velcro, aplix or hook and loop. 
Would I buy again? 
Yes! If they had it in aplix. =)

*These diapers were bought by me and this is my honest opinion about them. I am not being paid for this review.


  1. All my cds are snaps but i also want to get an aplix and hook and loop. Is kawaii china made? I want to try lots of cd brands but just frustrated with their designs, not so much visually appealing :)

    1. Yup China-made sis =) Try Coolababy, they have such great prints! They also have them in aplix!

  2. What do mean about the seperate prepping?

    1. Hi! My Kawaii diapers are mostly made of Bamboo fabric which is an organic material and contains natural oils. These oils come out when washed and it's advised to separate the organic fabrics (bamboo, hemp) from the non-organic fabrics (microfleece, suede) so the oils won't transfer to the non-organic fabrics which would coat the fabric and cause the diapers to repel.

      After a few washes though, some of the oils have washed out and it's safe to wash them with your other diapers.

      To save on water and electricity, some moms boil their bamboo in water (inserts only!) to remove the oils or wash on warm. Also, check your manufacturers washing instructions.



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