Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kawaii Cloth Diapers

I was so excited to see my new shipping of Kawaii Cloth Diapers that I actually wanted to pick them up from the shippers address instead of having them shipped to my house. I bought about 12 Bamboo Minky: Mom Label and 6 Happy Leak-Free Diaper Covers. These diapers are the only one-size pocket diaper and diaper cover that I could find that had great reviews and were so affordable. The pocket diapers I was able to get at about $9 each and the diaper covers for $4 each. Not bad right? Here's a' crummy pic of the designs I ordered

Aren't they cute? Most of them are Minky soft and the inner lining is made from bamboo and according to their website, it possesses a lot of benefits like: Thermal Regulating, Absorbent, Anti-bacterial, Breathable and Hypoallergenic.
Outer shell. Minky fabric and laminated with waterproof Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU).

They come with 2 bamboo inserts.

This is what the diaper looks like stuffed with 1 insert.

This is the diaper cover which you can use with the bamboo insert or prefolds or gauze cloth diaper.

My stash so far.

These one-size diapers are said to fit babies from 8lbs-35lbs. I can't wait to try them on Ashlin.

There are so many reviews and How-To videos at YouTube that might prove useful if you're still undecided on choosing what cloth diaper to buy.

Reviews to follow.

Kawaii Diapers ordered from site.


  1. Sis, what are the advantages of using cloth diapers over commercial disposable diapers like Pampers, Huggies and EQ?

  2. I haven't tried cloth diapers for my baby. Dahil sa anak ko, hindi na ko nagiging earth-friendly sa daming diapers na nai-dispose ko na.

  3. Sooo kawaii nga! :)

    Visiting you from GT!

  4. Those things are cute. I wonder how they'll look on my nephew.

  5. @blackshirt13: there are actually a lot of reasons why I would rather use cloth that disposables, one of which is that disposables contain chemicals that could eventually harm my baby.

    I'll research and list them out on my next post.

    Thanks for visiting!



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