Wednesday, December 30, 2009

just hanging out

went to the spa yesterday with my sisters and cousin. we were supposed to get a massage, but when we got there, the spa was fully booked and wouldn't take in walk-ins. so we opted to get facials instead. we went to this derm clinic in makati. although I rarely get facial, i've been to a few clinics that were FAR better than this one. first of all, it was noisy, you could hear the chatter of the staff of the latest telenovela they were watching, or the rants about her boyfriend possibly cheating on her. instead of getting the stress relief of facials, your stress doubles from when got there in the first place. also, when they bring their equipment in and out of the room you're in, they have no qualms when they hit the bed you're in or the door or the chair and make such a big ruckus.
For a derm clinic, I give them a 4 out of 10. They did manage to give a fairly good facial. It's the ambiance I hated.

So after the unsatisfying trip to the derm clinic, we had dinner at bubba gump with my cousin's hubby and twin sons who are allergic to EVERYTHING. I really hope they grow out of it. It's such a shame not to be able to eat seafood or fried chicken or scrambled eggs or even peanut butter. I took a picture of them.

and this is the after pic

neither of them drank beer of course and its a picture of two different boys. they look so much alike (duh! twins!)
after that fun, I met my friends for a few rounds of beer at Chili's, greenbelt.


that's my best friends cathy and bel and her hubby zam with our friend robby in the middle and me at the far right. my sister was nice enough to take the pic.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

get togethers

during this season, many of us have get-togethers or reunions with family and friends. I recently got together with my old high school friends and it's nice to know some have turned into great individuals you never expected them to be and some you just knew would make something of themselves one day. The doctors, the dentist, the orchestra musician, the chef, the mommy, the daddy and although they have grown into the fine adults they claim to be, they still bear the same characteristics that made them your friends in the first place.

Some things never change.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

bye bye puppy

I found this short video that I took of Lyka's puppy when she was weeks old. Unfortunately, she didn't reach 1 month. I hope you're in puppy heaven!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

dog tricks

my sister sent me this site.
soo cute!


Here's a list of those sites I joined.

CreativePTC   <---- joined 12/15/09
Orangebizs  <---- joined 12/15/09

I'll post payments when I get them.


Wow! it’s been a while. I knew I couldn't keep this up continuously. But, I had to keep myself busy while I'm “trapped” (for the moment) in my own home.  Not that I'm complaining. I sleep late, get up at noon. Eat when I want, go out when I want. I have no life.

Well, it’s not all that bad really. I just need something productive to keep me occupied otherwise I’ll go nuts! Which brings me to my newest scheme, which I happened to have stumbled upon while surfing the net, PTC. PTC or Paid to click are sites where you click sites or ads and you get paid for them. Easy huh? I’ll admit the money you make here is change compared to what you could be doing. But it’s great if you have nothing else to do and sitting in front of the PC all day. You just need to have time, a PC, an internet connection and a Paypal account or alertpay.

But of course, this is never going to keep me happy and I’ll never be able to buy that Palm Pre I always wanted!


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