Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kawaii Baby Happy Leak-Free OS Diaper Cover Review

My first ever diaper covers. Kawaii Baby Happy Leak-Free OS Diaper Cover

*Its says 8-36lbs but it didn't properly fit her until about 12lbs.
*I should have gotten the Velcro ones.

*Can be reused multiple times before washing.  As long as it's not too soiled, this cover can be air dried after use then reused later, just change the insert/soaker.
*So easy to clean/wash and dry.
*I've used the 3-layer bamboo insert and the Bamboo Charcoal insert and it works well. I've also used a pad-folded flat lampin with a microfleece liner on top.
*Has a flap for the soaker/insert.
*No leaks.

*These diapers were bought by me and this is my honest opinion about them. I am not being paid for this review.


  1. Hi, where did you buy the covers?

    1. I bought all my KaWaii diapers at =)

      But there are local distributors like

      Best Beginnings -

      BCee Bee -

      Dandy Nappy-

  2. Good Afternoon! :) ano po marerecommend mo na best cloth diaper pero mura? I'm eyeing on this one po. Mga how much po ba yung ganito?

    1. So far there is no particular brand of diaper that I can safely say is the best. We own a variety of brands but most are pocket diapers. I would suggest reading up on reviews of cloth-diapering mommas to get an idea of which system (pocket, covers, all-in-one, all-in-twos) you'd like to use. I would also recommend trying most if not all systems before deciding.

      Please check the local distributors listed above for their current prices. Thanks so much for reading my posts. Come back soon for more reviews. :)



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