Wednesday, October 21, 2009

sweet home alabama

they just showed the movie 'sweet home alabama' starring reese witherspoon, john lucas and patrick dempsey.


one of my fave 'chick flicks'. its a great feel good movie about melanie (witherspoon) who leaves the small town to look for what she wants but inevitably finds it back home. jake (lucas) the childhood love and present hubby who never really did get over melanie. watch this movie and get ready for a dose of romance with a southern charm.

applying for a job

applying for a job is so freakin' stressful! there's the LOOKING where you surf the net, check the papers and ask some friends about job openings and then there's the actual APPLYING. sending out your resumes, waiting for the call for an appointment. then the INTERVIEW comes where you prepare for the questions they'll ask.

anyway, that's what i think goes on in applying for a job. i just applied to one and i have nothing else to compare it to.
i got through the test tho, and went for the interview. i'm just waiting for the call when the orientation begins and the training, of course. they did give me an alternative regarding the job i was applying for. they asked if i wanted to apply for the admin asst. poistion that just became available (the job i just resigned from the previous company) I have until the training to decide. talk about stressful.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

chicken wings

my dog lyka had 2 pups last month a boy and a girl. unfortunately, the boy pup didn't last 1 day but the girl pup is, thankfully, stronger than her brother. she's now 26 days but we've been noticing that her front paws aren't as straight as its supposed to be.

I took her to the vet yesterday and they advised me to massage her front paws and give her extra calcium and supplements.


i hope it helps. but even if it doesn't, i love her anyway.
i'm secretly glad her front paws are like that ( i know its kinda bad of me) but we were planning to give the puppies away, but now because of this, we get to keep her! =D

Sunday, October 11, 2009


after reading the twilight books, someone suggested i try reading sookie stackhouse series by charlaine harris. so i did. i didn't like the first book but decided to give the series a chance and read book 2. it was slightly better than the first book. i guess i wanted to like the series so of course i started reading book 3 which i barely finished. in short, sookie stackhouse is not for me.
true blood is so much better than the books though and they do have cooler vampires than twilight.
but twilight has better shapeshifters (go team jacob!)


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