Monday, February 20, 2012

Dukan-inspired Diet Cruise phase day 17

It’s diet day 20 and on my 17th day on the Cruise phase and it’s really getting to me. I haven’t lost any more weight since I finished my attack phase. No bread, no white rice, no sweets (no sugar), no pork and no happy momma! I’m at a standstill at 123lbs.

So I’m changing my diet. I don’t know which one yet but I’m not sticking to this one because I’m hungry all the time and craving sugar… a lot! Yet not losing more weight.

I’m not going to chronicle my last few days of my diet because it’s just no use. I think it was the brown rice though, because that’s the only thing I changed from the original Dukan Diet.

Well, 20days and 6lbs lighter isn’t too bad.

Dukan-inspired Diet = FAIL

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