Monday, February 27, 2012

Dukan-inspired Diet UPDATE 2

So in my last post here  I said I would try for a week to have a PP day alternate with a PVBR day and see how it went. Unfortunately, aside from the 2 lbs I did lose last Tuesday, I didn't lose any more last week which I'm supposed to be losing a couple of pounds in a week.
I therefore conclude that this diet is not for me. *sad*

On the bright side, I am eating more veggies and the oatmeal/oat bran in my diet has given me better bowl movement (too graphic?) and I have been eating less since oatmeal fills you up and so does the brown rice.

I will still be continuing my oatmeal/oat bran in the morning and brown rice for lunch and totally cut down on the food intake. Hopefully, I'll (slowly) shed off the lbs.

Ang hirap magpapayat! 


  1. Oi, speaking of "pagpapa-payat"! I just lost a couple of inches again by eating only half to one cup of rice every meal!

    Kaya mo yan sis. Summer na eh! :D

    1. Buti ka pa! Pero in fairness, I lost a few pounds din naman. hehe

      I only eat about 1 cup a day (half sa lunch and half sa dinner) of brown rice.



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