Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dukan-inspired Diet

This is D day! Meaning Diet Day! I’m starting my Dukan-inspired diet. If you’re not familiar with the Dukan Diet, it’s the diet from France that’s better known as the diet that gave J-lo that body after the twins. Also Kate Middleton followed this diet before the big Royal wedding.

So anyway, this Dukan diet is made up of 4 phases. The attack phase, cruise phase, consolidation phase and permanent stabilization phase. The attack phase will make you consume pure protein, fish, eggs and meat but with a bit of oat bran. The cruise phase will introduce you to vegetables and you’ll have to alternate days of pure protein and days of protein and veggies. And more oat bran.  This phase will take you to your True Weight. 
I forgot, you have to calculate your true weight  before the beginning of the diet. 

After the cruise phase, you have the consolidation phase. At this phase, you will be introducing more of the forbidden foods slowly and will be given 2 “celebration” meals per week. Which means you can eat almost anything. This phase is critical since it’s easy to regain the weight you lost from the previous phases because of the food you’re allowed to eat again.

The last phase is the permanent stabilization phase, this is when you’ve reached your target weight and you just need to keep it that way. Your body has learned how to eat a little at a time so that you won’t be regaining all the weight you lost. It has 3 non-negotiable rules:

     1.Consume 3 tablespoons of oat bran per day
     2.Choose to take the stairs whenever possible
     3.Have a Pure-protein Thursday

So this Dukan-inspired diet of mine will contain the same attack phase (pure protein for 3 days) but I tweaked the cruise phase a bit. I incorporated brown rice to the cruise phase because 90% of my usual diet consists of rice and eliminating that all together is just plain stupid.

I’ll be documenting my diet journey per week so I won’t be tempted to cheat. HELP!


  1. You just inspired me to go on a diet. :)

  2. Need to get rid of the baby weight and get ready for the swimsuit season. Goodluck to us!

  3. Interesting kind of diet. Ufff.. speaking of diet, I need to trim down a bit before our Valentine getaway. Waaah!

    BTW, thanks for the visit! :)

  4. Wow! Good job on that one. I don't think I can maintain it though. Too much of a foodie.

  5. How I wish that I have the same discipline like you have...Goodluck in your diet sis.

    A late Blog Hopping from (January 29 - February 3) our FB Group Pinay Mom Bloggers



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