Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baby Jill Cloth Diaper Review 2

This review has been long overdue, mainly because I don’t use this diaper much.
First review Baby Jill Cloth Diaper Review 1.

While I was pregnant, this was one of the companies I tried to contact because I knew I wanted to cloth diaper my baby and I also wanted to use products made here in the Philippines.

Baby Jill’s was one of the few local companies I contacted. Since I was new to this cloth diaper world and I could not find any  reviews on their product, I had a lot of questions. Unfortunately, I felt that none of the answers they gave me were satisfactory.
So I moved on.

It’s only recently that I was able to finally order a few of their waterproof pocket diapers and try them for myself. Here’s my review:

This is for their 1SF3 waterproof pocket diaper (they have the other type which is the breathable type pocket diaper; I wasn’t able to try that one). The sizes are small, medium and large as well as one size fits most or 1SF3.

*So like I said in my first review, the inner fabric of the Baby Jill’s are pretty rough and I thought that washing them a few times would soften them.
It did not.
They were still pretty rough (compared to microfleece, suede and bamboo) but didn’t give my little one any rash. They do also, stain pretty quickly and stains are difficult to remove.
*The waterproof material is REALLY thick, I’m not sure what this is made of but it sure isn’t PUL or TPU. Another reason why I don’t use them much is because they’re heavy.
*My daughter who is 9months and 19lbs is wearing them on the largest rise setting but the waist is still on the smallest size. The waist has a weird fit on her, there’s a gap at the back and this causes leaks if she wears them during her naps.
*The Baby Jill CDs are longer than my Kawaii baby CDs but BJCD have a tight fit on my daughter’s legs and she’s not all that chunky. Like I said, weird fit.
*The inserts that come with the pocket diapers are the worst I have in my stash. They leak after a few minutes. After using them a couple of times, I decided to use one of my microfiber inserts instead and she was able to wear the diapers for 2-3 hours with no leaks. The inserts are made with the same fabric as the inner fabric of the diaper so I'm guessing you can lay the insert on top of the diaper instead of stuffing it inside the pocket.
They do sell Class A inserts at P200 each which are supposedly better than the inserts the diaper comes with.

*Surprisingly, it has kept her poop contained, but this is maybe because her poop is partially solid. But, like I said, it stains easily and hard to get out.

each diaper comes with 1 insert, not very absorbent though.

gap on the back of the waist which results to leaking when she naps.

The writing is still there, although it’s a bit faded. This is after about 3 months use (rarely used).

*The prints are pretty and you can even customize by giving an image you’d like them to print on your diaper.
*They’re affordable for those who are just starting out CDing their baby.
*Overall, they work fine as a pocket diaper if you use a better insert than the one that it comes with.

We weren’t able to try on the Superman diaper because one of the snaps had fallen off even before I got to wash it. The seller offered to replace it if I sent the defective diaper back, but I thought shelling out P150 for shipping back to the seller wasn’t worth it.
snap came off when I tried to unsnap it the first time.

I think the concept of this diaper is brilliant, if they could just improve on it, yet remain affordable.
I also hope they could improve on their customer service.

*These diapers were bought by me and this is my honest opinion about them. I am not being paid for this review. 


  1. Hi, I was reading through your blog and you seem pretty knowledgeable of cloth diapers available in the philippines. I need your help really badly! I live all the way in Toronto, and I want to find the cheapest deals on diapers so I've been trying to search for sources back there. I'm just going to ask my family to buy it there and send it to me. It would be really great if you could give me info on where to buy cloth diapers, prefolds and inserts in manila as well as the prices. I'm interested in the local or china brands... mostly ones that we don't really have here in canada.

    Help please! Im desperate!

    1. Hi Kyle!
      thanks for visiting my blog and your interest in cloth diapers.
      As far as I know there are better choices of cloth diapers that are available in Canada than here in the Philippines. One company I love is the KaWaii Baby Diapers and I believe they're located in BC, Canada, although the diapers themselves are China-made.

      I only know a few who really make them here locally but only one of them that I'm sure is still selling them, most are made from China and sold here.

      In any case, I'll try to help you find the best and most affordable cloth diapers. =)

  2. I have dealed with them, I like the cuteness of their diaper but the customer service should be improved. I really like to help them and try to patronize our own but they have to compete well with other diaper companies from China. They should also try to look to improve the design of the dipaer based on the customer feedback but it doesn't look like it's happening.



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