Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ash tumbles

A few days ago Ash fell off the bed during one of her naps. I was in the other room doing some online work when I heard a different cry from her usual mommy-I’m-awake-and-hungry cry. It was more like ouch-I’m-hurt-and-I-need-help cry. I’m not sure how to explain it really, it’s more of a feeling I think. Anyway, when she started rolling around on the bed, I was so scared that she’ll one day fall off the bed second I take my eyes off her, so I’ve barricaded the bed with pillows to prevent that. But unfortunately, that didn’t work.

When I heard her cry I rushed in the room knowing, even if I haven’t seen her, that she fell from the bed. She was on the floor next to the pillow I carelessly thought would stop her from falling. I picked her up and looked her over for bumps on the head or bruises or if she might have broken a bone or something, but the minute I picked her up she stopped crying. My brother, who was downstairs, had heard her cry and came rushing in the room. When my daughter saw him, she instantly gave him a smile.

Over the next hour or so I kept checking her over if I missed something, some redness or tender spot from the fall. But found nothing. So what I would usually do when I want some answers, I turn to Google. I found this from Dr. Sears about Falls, Rolls and Bumps:

Infants and toddlers are prone to rolling off beds or couches, falling out of high chairs, strollers, car seats or swings, and getting bumps and bruises from all kinds of things. The first thing to do when your child falls is to relax. Most falls are NOT serious. Kids are very resilient. Most falls seem worse than they really are, and usually do not require a call to your doctor or a trip to the ER.

What type of falls to worry about:
The most common falls are babies rolling off the bed or couch or falling out of an infant seat or stroller. These falls are usually only 1 to 2 feet high, and almost never result in any significant injury, even if onto a hard floor.

Sometimes an object will fall off of a table or furniture onto baby. This rarely results in any significant injury.

Many babies trip and fall while running and hit their head on an object or the floor. Unless there is a large cut that needs stitches (click here to help decide if stitches are needed), you probably don’t need emergency attention or a call to your doctor.

Another common fall is while being carried by an adult and the adult trips and falls onto a baby. If the adult was running, this can result in injury. If the adult was walking, however, then baby usually will not suffer any significant injury.

Falls from a height greater than 3 feet, such as a counter top, high chair, changing table, or table can result in injury, especially if onto a hard floor.

What to do if your child falls:
1. Consol your child. Stay calm and don’t panic. This will help your child calm down so you can better assess your child’s condition.
2. Don’t rush to page your doctor or call 911 just yet.
Check your child’s limbs, head and body for any bumps, bruises, redness, swelling, or deformity. Undress your child to do this. IF YOU DON’T SEE ANY SWELLING OR LARGE BUMPS ON THE HEAD OR BODY, THERE IS PROBABLY NO SIGNIFICANT INJURY.
4. If you see any obvious swelling or deformity in the extremities, or you child is limping for more than a few hours, you should go to the ER or your doctor’s office.
5. Assess your child for head injury. Click here to help you decide if your child has any head injury and what to watch for.

Paging your doctor:
If your child shows no signs of serious head injury (according to our head injury guidelines) and there is no sign of broken bones, then you probably don’t need to page your doctor. Observe your child for any signs of worsening.

Even if your child has a bump on the head, you usually don’t need to page the doctor. Just treat your child according to our head injury guidelines.

However, if your child fell from a high place such as a highchair, tabletop, countertop, or changing table onto a hard floor, AND you know baby hit head first, you should probably go straight to an ER without even paging your doctor. If your baby has such a fall onto carpet, however, then you should look for signs of head or body injury and page your doctor if your baby shows any of the warning signs mentioned above.

She fell from a height of about 24 inches onto a hard tiled floor. But when I found her, she was lying next to the pillow which made me think that she fell on the pillow and rolled onto the floor because I found no bumps, bruises or even redness caused by the fall. Regardless of my speculations, I kept a watchful eye on her for symptoms of head injury or broken bones. But all through the day she was being her normal, active, smiling self and I was so relieved.
I'm tempted to get this for her, but I think she's too big for it.
Or maybe this.

This happened a few days ago and up until now, I would still check for bumps and bruises even the minutest ones did not exist (thank goodness!).

I have now moved our bed against the wall and check on her constantly when she naps. I will never, EVER let that happen again. Not on my watch.


  1. A came over this morning and we were just talking about things like this. My daughter also fell off the bed 3 times when she was a baby. Thanks to the good angels who always sent something to catch her!

    1. I also believe this is what happened because she had no signs of injury from the fall. I'm glad our kids' angels are always on full alert! :)

  2. this happened to quino too! twice under my husband and once under my dad. that's why i make sure quino sleeps on his crib. i only put him to sleep on our bed during night time when he'll be between me and hubby.

    1. I was thinking about putting her in a crib but it's just me and her in the room most of the time since hubby works out of town so I'd rather that we co-sleep.

      I wonder if there's ever a child who didn't fall off the bed. I know I did when I was a baby (so says my mom)



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