Sunday, March 18, 2012

Coolababy cloth diaper review

Between a snap diaper and a hook and loop diaper closure, I prefer the latter, since this gives my daughter a better fit compared to a snap closure. This is what led me to purchase some Coolababy cloth diaper with hook and loop closure.

comes with washing instructions.

This is a review for Coolababy pocket diapers in hook and loop closure. The inner lining is made with Bamboo Charcoal fleece. This is a one size diaper (supposed to fit babies from about 8-30lbs.) with a 4-step rise (small, medium, large and x-large) and crossover hook and loop tabs. Waterproof outer layer made with PUL.
They can be purchased through eBay or aliexpress and are available in either snaps or hook and loop. You have the choice between regular microfleece inner lining (white) or Bamboo Charcoal fleece (gray) which are both stay-dry. They also have them with double gussets but those only come in snaps.

Each diaper comes with 1 insert. The inserts are your regular 3-layer MF with a COOLABABY name embroidered.

I purchased 9 very cute prints and I’m currently using 8 of them in rotation.

*These diapers seem to “sweat” out moisture through the waterproof PUL. I don’t mean leaking around the leg elastics but right through the PUL itself where the insert is. When I try to carry my baby while she’s wearing a Coolababy, she would always feel damp.
*The hook and loop type closure did not have laundry tabs so in the end, I would always pull out a diaper chain from the washer.
*Slightly more expensive than my other China-made cloth diapers.
*I tried them on for overnight and stuffed them with 1MF insert and 1 Hemp insert.
BIG mistake.
It leaked everywhere. It leaked on the leg elastics and through the waterproof PUL.

no pocket flap.

'diaper chain' some of my diapers have stuck together to form a chain.

*Super cute prints.
*Very nice hook and loop closure, I think these are called Aplix.
*Love the fit.
*Has crossover hook and loop tabs to fit smaller babies.

9 month old and 19lbs and she's on the 'medium' setting.

I like these diapers enough that I would still use them but will definitely destash them the minute I find better diapers that fit as well as they do. They're a good enough daytime diaper.

*These diapers were bought by me and this is my honest opinion about them. I am not being paid for this review. 


  1. i only have 1 coolababy cd and i agree with your pros and cons. i seldom use this since my son easily feels wet. i also dont like the lack of hip snaps but the design is cuter than the other china cds

    1. With regards to the CD feeling damp, I thought I was the only one. Thanks for sharing that sis :) I thought I had a bad batch, but I'm starting to realize that their waterproof material may be too thin.

    2. Hi, have your ever try other brands?

      I'm expecting a baby soon, plan to use CD. I saw Lunatots brand, do you have any friends using this brand? It is slightly expensive than Coolababy brand, so I thought it would be better than Coolababy.

      Appreciate your reply.
      Thank you.

    3. Hi Nurul!

      In my experience, just because it's expensive doesn't mean it's better. :) It really depends on your preference. Some moms prefer certain cloth diaper brands than others. It would depend on performance, fit, design, style or even prints.

      I own a couple of affordable, less expensive diapers and they work just as well, sometimes even better than the more expensive ones. Although, I have not used LUNATOTS yet so I can't really say on its performance. I don't think they ship to the Philippines yet.

      I've tried other brands of cloth diaper, just check out my other posts :)

      Browse around my blog to help you decide. Thanks so much for visiting!

  2. You're not using your Coolababy diapers anymore? I wanted to try this because of the inner bamboo charcoal. So I was thinking less stains to think about.

    1. I also loved the gray bamboo charcoal, but I just didn't like the Coolababy and its performance. But you should try it for yourself because there are still some moms who love their Coolababy.

  3. I also have 2 Coolas and both have leaking issues.. =( I dunno baka mali pag prep ko.. BIG MISTAKE I used it when we were out.. MEGA LEAK! =(

    1. I had issues with my Coolas as well, which is why I destashed them as soon as I could. The mommies who purchased them however, LOVED them! They had no issues with the Coolas they got from me.
      Anyhow, have you tried stripping the diapers? Could be causing the leaks. Or check the fit. Good luck sis and thanks for visiting!



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