Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ash learns to undo Velcro

After her nap, I found Ash with one side of her Velcro nappy undone. This spells trouble for us since most of our nappy stash are Velcro or hook and loop closure type and only a handful are snaps. I don't think this would deter me from buying mostly Velcro nappies though since this gives Ash the best fit and it's the easiest to use for my mom and hubby. I only hope I can teach her NOT to undo them or would I one day be surprised to see her running around the house half naked?


  1. Hehe. Si Askim ganyan din. Gulat nalang ako asa sahig na yun nappy nya tapos nag-wee wee na sya sa bed. Waaah! Buti nalang marunong na syang mang-gising para wee wee sya sa wash room.

    1. Haha! Buti naabutan ko baby ko before sya magweewee sa bed.



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