Friday, December 23, 2011

Baby Jill Cloth Diaper Review 1

My Baby Jill Cloth Diaper (BJCD) came in today! They are wayyyyy cute!

The Doggie has a minky outer and the other 2 are made of fleece.
Here's a comparison between BJCD, Babyland CD (microfleece inner) and Kawaii Baby CD (Heavy duty with suede inner).

The inner fabric is kind of rough, I'm not sure if washing them will make them softer. It lacks the soft feel of microfleece or the smoothness of suede.

The waterproof material is made of a really thick fabric. The whole diaper shell without an insert is heavier than a Babyland CD with an insert. It's even thicker than my Kawaii Goodnight Heavy Wetter(Kawaii GNHW), and that's made with 3-layers of PUL.
BJCD waterproof layer on the left and Kawaii GNHW CD PUL layer on the right.

BJCD is narrower but longer than my Babylands and Kawaii CDs.

I love this! But I'm afraid the writing will disappear after a couple of washes.

My favorite so far. Isn't it cute?

Hubby picked this. 

I'll make another review after I prep and test these out with Ash.

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  1. i just saw your post. i love the doggie CD but no matter how cute it is i probably wont order one from them based on the mostly negative feedbacks

  2. They'll probably get a negative feedback from me based on customer service, but I haven't tried the diapers yet. We'll see how it goes :)



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