Friday, July 8, 2011

after delivery

It’s been more than a month since I gave birth to baby Ashlin and I’m still recuperating from my surgery.  Ashlin definitely took her sweet time coming out of my womb. After carrying her for about 41 weeks and 1 day, the doctor pulled her out kicking and screaming. She was brought to my chest (after wiping her off and having all the amniotic fluid sucked out from her nose and mouth) and had her crawl to my breast and suckle. I was so happy I cried. I believe all new mothers cry at first sight of their newborn.

Now this 8.4lbs bundle of joy occupies my life 24/7 these days (not that I’m complaining). I realize I love being a mom and I wish nothing more than to be with my daughter all the time until she’s sick of me (or maybe even after then). But then I know I have to eventually get back to work be with other people, but for now, I think I’ll enjoy our time together because I know she’ll only be a baby for a very short time.


  1. oh my what a cutie! looks like she got your eyes :)

  2. Congratulations! You're baby's so cute. =)

  3. Thanks for the nice comments! The eyes are all she got from me, everything else she got from her daddy =)

  4. Aww, congratulations, sis. :) Ang cute ng eyes!

  5. Beautiful baby. :) We really ought to treasure every moment with our babies. Time can fly by really fast.

    Coffee With Kim

  6. Sis, CS ka or normal?

    I only got a glimpse of Francine after she was born before (I think) I got knocked out by the anesthesia. But they let me breastfeed her when I came to. I didn't cry though, I think I was still in a state of mixed shock and wonderment then. I mean, like, whoa, I now have a kid! =D

  7. Emergency CS ako.
    After all that labor pain, CS din bagsak ko. =)
    I know how you feel!



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