Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Skin rashes

I’ve been having some itchy, red patches on my skin lately. It started on the side of my left thigh and a couple of days later it showed up at the side of my right thigh as well. After about a week, it manifested on my arms. They were red, extremely itchy bumps on my skin. My visit to the doctor confirmed my suspicions; skin asthma.

Now what is skin asthma?
According to the internet (my main source of info);
It is a skin condition that has allergic features. It is hereditary, non-contagious, and characterized by chronic inflammation of the skin. The skin appears red, flaky, with pinpoint raised spots, can sometimes be “weepy,” watery, or wet, and can be very itchy. In worst cases, scaling and thickening of the skin is common.

What are the causes?
Atopic dermatitis, a.k.a. skin asthma, is caused by reduced humidity and excessive sweating, common during summer—when the condition can become even worse. Primarily genetic, skin asthma is caused by abnormal immune responses. Atopy (from the Greek word for “out of place”) occurs when the immune system incorrectly recognizes and attacks substances that should be harmless.

How can it be prevented?
Immunotherapy or allergy shots that can build the body’s tolerance to common allergens and irritants may help. But most importantly, parents should spot skin asthma skin’s natural defense against overexposure to early on to prevent it from worsening. This means taking the following cautionary measures:

o         Staying clear of possible allergens and irritants.
o         Avoiding overheating and dryness in the home. Keep the child in a cool environment.
o         Fighting skin dryness by taking frequent baths with mild soaps and applying non-irritating moisturizers.
 How is it treated?
o         Cool compress and oral anti-itch medicines can help relieve symptoms.
o         Never scratch; it makes the lesions worse and may lead to a secondary infection.
o         Corticosteroids can treat inflamed skin areas, but use these minimally and only with prescription.
o         The skin can get used to these medicines, requiring a higher dosage when the condition reoccurs

According to my doctor, mine may be caused by stress from being a new mom or my environment (too hot or too cold). I think it’s a combination of both. It’s the stress of being a new mom and the changes in the weather.

Since I’m currently breastfeeding, she can't prescribe me any drugs; only mild soap, moisturizing lotion and some ointment that could only be bought from her clinic. It’s only been a day so I haven’t seen any difference so far. And it still itches like hell!

Any tips to cure the symptoms of skin asthma?

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  1. I occasionally get skin rashes after commuting. So, I often wash my face after braving the traffic and pollution in the metro. If I don't wash, I get pimples and rashes. When washing, it is best to use products that are gentle to skin. In my case, I use Pond's and Nivea.



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