Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ebay Cloth Diaper

I love getting packages in the mail!
I just got one of my cloth diapers that I ordered off eBay. It only took 7 days to get here from China.

I have yet to try them out but from the first inspection, the fleece liner is much softer than those of Tushy Wushy. Although, the Tushy's PUL seems thicker than the eBay diaper's. The microfiber insert is almost the same.

eBay diaper with microfiber insert.


  1. hi i would like to ask when u ordered in ebay did the package directly sent to your house or it still pass the customs? if o how much did you pay? thanks! since i'm worried about the customs fee etc..

    1. HI! I ordered a lot of diapers through eBay and what I've experienced is that if you order 15 pieces or less, you can get away with just paying P40 for your package and pick it up at your local post office. But any more than that and you'll have to travel all the way to the main post office (Pasay) and face the big, bad customs officers.:)
      HIndi ko lang alam kung paano nila kinocompute yung charges.



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