Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cocoa butter preventing stretch marks?

"Moms-must-Have" during and after pregnancy to prevent and ease stretch marks.

Well, that's what it said on the site. I personally don't know if it works because I bought it a little too late.
I was already developing angry stretch marks on my tummy since my 7month rolled in. But I got some anyway. I may not be able to tell if it does prevent and ease stretch marks but it does moisturize really dry skin. I've been having dry skin since the start of my pregnancy and no lotion could make my skin soft and supple as it used to. A little cocoa butter with my regular lotion and my skin got better! Plus, it smells like chocolate! Love, love!

It actually looks like butter but it melts with your body temperature. Rather hard to spread all over and that's why I use it with my regular lotion.

I also got Shea Butter which supposedly contains vitamin A and E and other very special ingredients, which include specific fats and acids that work together to provide you with softer, smoother and more supple skin.

Tea Tree oil; this is an essential oil regarded for its antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal benefits. Both I haven't tried yet. 

They also came with a special freebie of CHARCOAL SOAP. Haven't tried that one either. The seller's site says this about charcoal soap:

Nothing to hide, this TOP black soap is generously loaded with ABC (activated bamboo charcoal),pure vegetable glycerine, Australian tea tree essential oil and pure 100% passion!
Use regularly and notice a nice glow in your skin.
Exfoliate, Detoxify, and Glow!

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  2. HI there! Thanks for the visit. Btw, ayran is a popular Turkish drink made from a mixture of yogurt, water, and salt.

  3. re the pure cocoa butter, is it greasy on the skin? what's the site where you bought it?

    new follower, hope you do the same :)
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  4. @rjs mama - it is greasy, unfortunately, but it's a great moisturizer so I only get to use it at night. I posted the sellers site in the post.
    Thanks for visiting!

  5. I also bought cocoa butter from TOP. =) Yeah, it is kinda sticky so I just apply it before going to sleep. And I love love love the chocolatey smell!



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