Monday, June 4, 2012

Shakey's party package

We celebrated Ashlin’s birthday a few days ago ay Shakey’s Magallanes branch. We chose the Justice League; Girl Power theme.

Information on Shakey’s Birthday Party in the Philippines as of October 2011:

Available Party Themes at Shakey’s:
  • Justice League
  • Barney and friends

Party Fee: Php 4, 080

Party fee inclusions:
  • 30 sets of Amenities: Invitation Cards,
  • 30 Giveaways
  • 30 Balloons
  • 30 Party Hats
  • Birthday Greeter
  • Game Prizes
  • Party Hosting
  • Gift for the Celebrator (Depending on the promo or store availability)

Optional Mascot Appearance of Captain Shakey’s with an additional fee of Php850

Cake:  Their cake suppliers were Iko’s and Goldilocks. I knew what Goldilocks tasted like so I wanted to try something different. It was a good thing Iko’s cakes did not disappoint. You’re also allowed to bring your own cake.

Shakey’s Party Food Package: There are four food packages to choose from but we opted to get their Monster Meal deals which includes Large thin-crust Manager’s Choice Pizza and Pepperoni Pizza, Classic Spaghetti and Carbonara Supreme, Chick ‘N Chips Party pack and 3 pitchers of Coke. I ordered 4 of those.

Shakey’s Birthday Party Reservation: According to their function agreement form, a down payment of at least 50% of the total bill is required upon signing of the contract. The remaining bill will be paid after the party program.

Shakey’s Fun birthday party program:
  • Party time is two hours.
  • Party Program: There is a party host who will handle the program.
  • Party games: There are games but it usually depends on the number of guests.

The people at Shakey’s Magallanes were lenient when it came to bringing outside food, as long as you let them know beforehand. We brought some Krispy Kreme and cream puffs for dessert. The party was booked for 11am to 1pm but we started at 15 minutes before 12nn because some of the guests were late. I had no problems with the food or the particular branch, but then, I wasn’t at all impressed either. The food was just as good as I know only Shakey’s can make. All in all the party went on smoothly and no big problem came up (none that I knew of). Maybe the next kiddie party I plan will be better.

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  1. belated happy birthday ash!! pareho tayo. we're both satisfied with the party but it could stiil have been better. =)



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