Thursday, June 21, 2012

Product Review: Happy Bee Cloth Diaper

I was sent this cute little diaper for my daughter Ash's 1st birthday. Thanks so much to ThriftyMamaShop!

Happy Bee is a one-size hybrid diaper that comes with 1 soaker pad made of 100% cotton .
Fits most babies from 8-35lbs.
Outer made with waterproof TPU.
Inner is lined with stay-dry microfleece and has 2 snaps where the soaker is snapped into.

View of the inside of the Happy Bee.
Microfleece inner lining and snaps for the snap-in soaker.

View of Happy Bee with the snap-in soaker.

Happy Bee soaker has a soft gusset to contain messes and has 4 layers of cotton but divided into 2 parts for easy washing and drying.

Nice soft, yet very sticky Aplix or Hook-and-Loop.

With it's own laundry tabs.

Hook-and-Loop closure that sticks nicely into the front panel of the diaper.

Smallest setting compared to a Happy Flute and Baby Wizard Duo Rows Snaps.

 Medium setting compared to a Happy Flute and Baby Wizard Duo Rows Snaps.

Largest setting compared to a Happy Flute and Baby Wizard Duo Rows Snaps.

The Happy Bee has a slightly bigger size compared to the Baby Wizard Duo Rows Snaps but is the trimmest from all three diapers.

-Really trim!
-Nice and stretchy closure tabs.
-Velcro closure (need I say more?)
-Gussets on the soaker pad to contain poops.
-Soaker is made of 100% cotton.
-No leaks or messes.

-Soaker is made of cotton so it does not leave a stay-dry feeling.
-Soaker is not waterproof so once used, everything used must be washed and is not stay-dry. Seller informs me that there will be a waterproof/stay-dry soaker option available soon.

Happy Bee on my 12 month old.

If I missed anything or if you have any questions, please leave a comment below, thanks!

Only available at

*This diaper were sent to me and this is my honest opinion about it. I'm not being paid for this review.


  1. Great review! I wanna buy one for my niece. Eyeing on the happy flute and baby wizard.

    Just ff you on GFC. Hope to get a ff back. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for following! You should definitely try cloth for your niece, she's going to love them. Better for the environment too.

    2. Have you tried using sunbaby diapers? Anung night time diaper ang ginagamit nyo po?

    3. I've never tried Sunbaby diapers, but I hear they're also a good brand of China-made cloth diapers. They have cute prints too.

      Right now my night time diapers are the Kawaii baby Goodnight Heavy Wetter and the Kawaii Baby Heavy Duty. Both are pocket diapers and stuffed with 1 3-layer pure bamboo insert and 1 Hemp/cotton jersey trifold.

  2. How did this diaper hold up? I have seen some people had trouble with them delaminating, but maybe they didnt clean them correctly?

    1. I haven't had trouble with them. The delamination could be a bad batch. It could be some issues with the usage and cleaning, but if done correctly and it still dlaminated, some sellers usually replace the diaper.

      I love this diaper but although it's a OSFM type, it's still on the small side. My daughter outgrew them already.

      There's a Happy Bee 2.0 out now and it seems to be a bigger and better than this older version. You might want to check it out. :)

  3. i like your review. where can i buy happy bee? thanks

    1. Thanks!
      They're available at



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