Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Product Review: The Moon Walk baby walk assistant

The product description states that:
“The MOON WALK is a European crazy that has come to relieve American parents. The MOON WALK helps the child learn to walk in a secure way with the help of an adult. The MOON WALK helps with balance and confidence. For safety and care, hand wash, air dry and store out of reach of children. Always use MOON WALK in the presence of an adult. Do not leave children unattended while using MOON WALK."

a - Handle.
b - Adjustable to shorten and lengthen the Moon Walk to fit baby.
c - Locks and unlocks for easy wearing.
d - Belt for a more secure fit.

This "lock" won't stay locked, so we tied a plastic straw rope to keep it "locked".

Well, my baby seems to like using it although she hates putting it on. It's very secure and easy to use. Best of all, no more bending!

More action shots.


  1. hi! where can i find moonwalk baby assistant? thanks! -julie

  2. hi! where can i find this very nice item? thanks! -julie

    1. It's a great item, I bought this particular one on Price ranges from 200-300 Pesos.



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