Tuesday, December 13, 2011

FuzziBunz Diaper Review

I never thought I would like these diapers but they turned out to be the first ones I grab when changing Ashlin. Too bad I only bought 2 pieces.

 The inner fabric is made of soft microfleece that keeps baby’s bum dry and the outer fabric is made with laminated PUL in cute colors. My favorite part is that the sizing is done by adjusting the leg elastics with a button and as the size gets smaller, so does the crotch. This fits perfectly on my baby who has slim legs. You can also adjust the waist the same way.

-one-size-fits-most pocket diaper
-one diaper comes with 2 MF inserts and 1 extra elastics.
-comes in cute colors
-adjust with a button on the elastics
-works overnight with 2 MF or 1 MF and 1 Hemp inserts.
-comes only in snaps closure
-easy to adjust, but it takes a while to get the right fit. But when I got the right fit, it was perfect.
-easy to clean, doesn't stain
-love the fit!

My 16lbs in a FuzziBunz

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