Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Babyland Diaper Review Part 1

UPDATE: Here's part 2 of my review
Babyland Diaper Review Part 2

I just got my Babyland diapers! (aka Papoose) This would be my initial review on them.

At first glance, they look and feel much like any CD out in the market.
-Inner fabric made of microfleece.
-outer fabric made of PUL.
-there's a pocket for stuffing the insert (a very small pocket opening)
-it has snap down rise that can grow with baby from 8lbs to about 30lbs.
-it has Velcro closure (also available in snaps).
-NO fold-back laundry tabs (unfortunately).
-NO crossover tabs either.

The "laundry tab" is just a piece of microfleece sewed on.

See how tiny the pocket opening is?
I'm not happy with the elastic on the waist either.

Velcro closure.

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