Thursday, January 19, 2012

Babyland Diaper Review Part 2

Read my first review here Babyland Diaper Review Part 1

Sorry, out of focus.

The first time I got these diapers, I was a bit skeptical. They looked cheaply made and had inconsistencies like the width of the pocket opening (some were wider than the others) and I don't like the MF insert so much. But still, I was amazed at the performance.
NO leaks.
Contained pooplosions.
Kept her dry especially during naps (paired with 1 MF insert and a 3-layer bamboo insert).

 It's about 1.5 inches shorter than a Kawaii Baby HD2

and about 2 inches shorter than a Fuzzibunz OS on it's largest setting.
So Babylands will probably be the first ones she'll outgrow.

I'm thinking of getting some nice bamboo inserts, maybe the 4-layer ones.

I initially chose Velcro closure because my mom would have a hard time on the snaps, but now I kinda love them! You can get the best fit with Velcro closure, although they wear out sooner than snaps and the baby can "learn" to detach the closure leaving you with a semi-naked child.

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