Monday, April 16, 2012

Out and About with Cloth Diapers

This post is written for the Real Diaper Week Carnival with the theme "Real Simple. Real Diapers."  We aim to educate and advocate the use of cloth diapers in the Philippines.  Please scroll below to read the other carnival posts about cloth diaper styles, how to's or must haves. 

Whether it’s going to the grocery, mall, and doctor’s visit or even going out of town, I always over pack when it comes to cloth diapers.

When we go out, I pack 2 pocket diapers in the diaper bag and an extra 2 diapers in the car; just in case.
Overstuffed diaper bag.
A wet bag that can hold 5-6 diapers and a pack of disposable wipes.
Babyland/Papoose wet bag.

Finding a changing table can be a bother sometimes because not all the places we go have one. So I would eventually change her in her stroller. After changing, I roll up and secure the dirty diaper before keeping it in the wet bag. Pooped on diapers get washed as soon as we get home or at least rinsed off before going to the bigger wet bag. Peed on diapers gets transferred into the bigger wet bag to be washed on wash day.

On the other hand, going out of town will require packing 20-24 diapers or depending on how long you are staying in a particular place, access to laundry facilities and age of your baby. My 10 months old goes through less than 10 diapers in a day but she used more before she was 5 months old. I would also bring my own detergent; I’ve used Cycles and/or Smart Steps on my diapers ever since I started using them on Ash and I haven’t had a problem. I would also bring either a bigger wet bag or a dry pail to keep dirty diapers in before washing them.

Our first time in Tagaytay was a challenge; the weather was quite different from Manila so drying the diapers under the sun took twice as long. So I would wash the diaper every night and hang them out to dry in the morning. I even had to wash the diapers by hand because there was no washer available. Sometimes we would hire someone to wash the diapers under my supervision, of course. There was a time when I ran out of inserts so I had to use bird’s eye lampin that we weren’t using and used them as inserts until the microfiber inserts had dried.

Using cloth diapers isn’t as hard as it looks; it just takes some getting used to. After a while, you’ll wonder why you ever used disposables.

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  1. it's really a mind over matter, it's a choice! :) kudos to you momma!

  2. I'm not a mom yet but I'm interested knowing about mom stuff coz we'll be building a family soon... Iniisip ko pano kapag na-poop-an...

    1. Pooped on diapers are really easy to clean. Pag breastfed poop, since it's water soluble, you can just wash it along with other nappies. Pag nag-solids na and medyo solid na poop you can dump the poop in the toilet before washing the nappy. Stains can usually be removed by laying the diaper out in the sun.

      Good luck sis and I hope you give cloth diapering a chance. =)

  3. Yung first time din namin mag out of town in full CD, OA lang ang pagoverpack ko. Hehe! I had a separate bag na puro cloth diapers lang laman. Tapos may 2-3 dun sa diaper bag na ginagamit talaga. Dala ko lahat ng stash. Hehe! Wala akong wetbag so ginamit ko lang ziplock, nag work naman. :)

    Agree, it's not as hard as it looks. :)

  4. I use prefolds when I run out of inserts too! My hubby also prefers velcro to snaps, easier for him to use =)

    (The nappy on the doll is next9)

  5. I would love to try those for my second baby. If ever lang dumating na sya. Hehe.

    Thanks for visiting! :D

  6. Sis Rae, cloth diapers are actually better when it comes to containing explosive poops! Sa disposables mas naglealeak kami pag talagang daming poop ni baby (exclusively breastfeeding kami, so runny talaga ang poop). You just need to flush the poop in the toilet, wash the nappy as soon as possible, then sun sun sun. Then it's good as new. :)

  7. happily, the times that we need to go out of town on CDs, we stay at a house - in subic it was in a friend's house.. in davao this may, it will be at my house. so no issues with the laundry.. the big challenge will be if we need to stay in a hotel :D i dunno if i will still go for cloth or do part time or temporarily switch to disposables. no planned trip yet.. maybe E will be toilet trained by then ;)



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