Thursday, September 22, 2011

My eBay cloth diapers

I've purchased a couple of cloth diapers off eBay and they’re supposedly China-made ones and relatively cheap. They have advantages and disadvantages, advantage being that for a newbie to cloth diapering such as me, they would be a cheap way to try out cloth diapering so you wouldn't be paying as much if you decide not to do cloth.

Disadvantage of these diapers is that when one of them delaminates or one of the buttons fall out, you have no warranty to have them replaced.
One more thing I think that is a disadvantage is that some of these diapers are made with only one row of snaps and no hip snaps. There are those made with hip snaps that are sold on eBay but I have yet to try them out.

The advantage of having hip snaps, in my case, is that if you have a baby with skinny legs, this will help with the fit. I noticed that without the hip snaps, the diaper will leak around the leg holes.

So far, those are the only things I find wrong with the eBay diapers.


  1. that's why i have reservations with china-made diapers eh. have you seen the "bestbottom" brand diaper in ebay? im tempted to try them eh. looks better the the china-made pocket diapers.

  2. yeah I've seen best bottom and they do look great as covers especially because meron silang double gussets. Pero ayoko yung may snaps pa yung inserts kasi ang hirap tanggalin pag soiled na or wet. IMO lang =)

  3. They look cute! You didn't have a problem with ebay in terms of deliveries and payment?

  4. @Miss `Chievous: not at all. I paid via Paypal then they delivered via local post or philpost then straight to my door. Medyo matagal nga lang but I was warned naman na matagal nga yung shipping. =)



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