Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ash at 3 months

My little one is now 3 months old and a lot have changed. It seems her neck and shoulder muscles have now strengthened  which means she can hold her head up for longer periods of time. She also makes more sounds like she's trying to talk especially when someone speaks to her. She's putting her fingers in her mouth more (and anything else she can grab). I'm hoping her hair grows out soon she's been losing her hair for few weeks now. The doctor said it was her baby hair that's falling off and soon her "real" hair will be growing out. I can't wait!

I try to develop her senses by reading to her and one of the books we use is this

it was a gift from one of her ninangs. It's great because it has different fabrics for her to touch and has music and a pop-up and it also has a mirror! I plan to get more books to read to her.


  1. same here sis! my baby boy is now 3 months old, their developments are almost the same. and like you, i started reading books to my baby 2 weeks ago. i like that book you featured ha! with sounds, mirror, and pop ups pa! ill try to look for similar books in NBS or powerbooks

  2. Adorable baby! That's a nice book!

  3. By the way I'm a new follower! Have a great week!



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