Sunday, March 6, 2011


I got the measles two weeks ago.

The previous week, I had a fever on and off with my temperature ranging from 38.5 to 39.5 degree Celsius. I had to text my OB to let her know what was going on and she advised me to come to the ER and have myself admitted.

In the ER they took one look at me and rushed me to the delivery room. I was only 26weeks along at that time. They thought I was about to give birth! That kinda scared me a bit. I wasn’t ready and neither was my baby! It’s a good thing they were keeping in communication with my doctor and was told to get my info and have me moved to a private room as soon as one was available. I was in that labor/pre-delivery room for a while because no room was available. I hated that room. It was absolutely dismal. I hope I don’t have to go back to that room when Ashlin does decide to come out already. Anyway, almost an hour later, they came back for me and told me that my mom (who was with me at the time) got me a room (finally).

I was given an IV and told me that my platelet count was a little low and that I might have dengue or measles. Surprisingly, while I was in the hospital, rashes started showing up on my face and were slowly creeping down to my chest and then finally, the next day, they showed up on my tummy. So they figured it was measles, but took some blood samples to make sure.

I was in the private room a day and they transferred me to another much smaller room. Kind of like an ICU, only sadder. I hated that room as much as I hated the labor/pre-delivery room. I was there for about 3 days. I did recuperate nicely, because I kept thinking that I just had to get well, for Ashlin. I stopped getting the fevers and chills but was throwing up constantly and having LBM. Everything I tried to eat just kept going back up. Nothing would stay down. It was a good thing they gave me something for my nausea so I could finally eat something and have it stay down. That was the bad week for me and my baby, more so, because I didn't know what effect this will have on her.

We’re much better now. I was discharged a couple of days later with just a few more rashes scattered on my tummy. No fever, no chills, no more vomiting and my bowels were getting back to normal. My doctor says the most important part is that I’m getting my appetite back.

My doctor also told me not to worry too much and that the most affected are those in their first trimester of pregnancy, and since I was in my second trimester, I would have a lower risk. But, there would still be a risk and that will haunt me until I finally see her and hold her in my arms and the doctors declare her healthy.

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