Monday, January 31, 2011

Grand Baby Company Fair 2011

Me and hubby were able to visit the fair last Friday, January 28 and got some big ticket items like crib/playpen and a stroller. I hate that I didn't take more pictures of the event. My hubby won't let me bring my camera, he says my bag was wayy too heavy to begin with. =(

Anyhoo, there was so much free goodies that they gave away, my fave was the swag bag they gave to those who bought P1,000 or more. Too bad I didn't split my receipt, I could have gotten more. =)

They had talk and demos from various doctors and celebrity moms, unlimited Wilkins water everywhere, and Cord life banking booth.

Although I didn't get much pictures of the fair, I got pics of the freebies instead. I hope there's more of these fairs before I gave birth. I totally enjoyed every part of it.

Swag Bag with a minimum single receipt of P1,000.

Bag from Cord Life

All the stuff we actually bought are still in their boxes because I still have about 17 weeks before I can use them =).

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