Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cloth Diapers

I must have looked through dozens of sites, reviews, forums and blogs before I finally figured out how modern cloth diapers work. From what I found out there are a number of different types of cloth diapers out there:

Pocket diaper - which is composed of a diaper cover which has a waterproof outer and a stay-dry inner lining and a removable insert. The inner lining of the shell is made with microfleece, suede or bamboo which are all safe to be placed against baby's bottom. The waterproof outer is typically made with PUL (Polyurethane laminate) or TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) and the inserts used to absorb the pee is made of microfiber, bamboo or hemp. The whole thing (shell and insert) is washed when soiled. You have to pull out the insert before putting them in the wash and stuffing the insert back before putting it on the baby.

All-In-One Diapers (AIO) – this is very similar to disposable diapers wherein you just put the whole thing in the wash after use. It consists of the soaker sewed in and it’s all fastened with Velcro or snaps. They are harder to dry but in our weather, line drying them would be easy. Unless if it’s raining. This is the easiest to use in my opinion because you don't have to stuff anything after drying them, you can use them as soon as they're dry.

All-In-Two Diapers (AI2) / Hybrid – also have two parts, the outer waterproof shell and the lay in or snap on soaker or insert. These are the ones I plan on getting with the option of using disposable liners. These aren't the same as disposable diapers as some liners can be flushed, but you have to know which ones are safe for flushing. There are also reusable liners available which can be washed along with your diaper. Make sure the inserts you use can be placed against baby skin, like microfleece, suede, bamboo, cotton.

I still do like this system but I also like the versatility of a pocket diaper wherein you can stuff whichever insert you'll be needing (hemp, microfiber, bamboo, prefold).

Fitteds – are cloth diapers made of cotton, fleece, terry cloth, hemp or various other fabrics that are absorbent. This type of diaper needs a waterproof cover.

Prefolds and Flats – Prefolds are rectangular diapers that have more layers in the middle and less on the sides. Flats on the other hand have the same number of thickness throughout the diaper. Flats are what our moms used to use on us with the help of clips or pins. Prefolds and flats may be used with clips, pins or snappis.

Diaper Cover – this type is simply used as a waterproof cover for your fitteds, prefolds or flats.

The brands I’m interested in trying are GroVia and gDiapers. I’d also like to try ThirstiesBest Bottom and Weehuggers.
There's more to learn about these new fangled diapers and they're a far cry from what your lola used.

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