Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Supplier's Rating

It’s been awhile since our wedding! I think it’s time to rate my suppliers during my big day.

Church: Madre De Dios Chapel (10 out of 10)

Beautiful chapel! It’s small and perfect for intimate weddings. Their Chapel Coordinator Mr. Prince Marcelo was such a big help and did his job efficiently and competently. There were 3 weddings that day, but they kept the chapel clean after every wedding.

Reception/Catering: Highlander Steakhouse, Tagaytay Highlands (9 out of 10)
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Loved the venue and loved the food. They were so attentive with the guests. Our AE Ms. Apple Ilano was helpful with the planning.

Photographer: Hyds Valencia of ImagineNation (10 out of 10)
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I love this girl! But most of all, I love her pics! Two other girls were with her, Diane and Leanne and they were both exceptionally good.

Cake: Krispy Kreme, MOA Factory (10 out of 10)
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I know it’s technically not a cake, but we don’t really like cake so we chose donuts! It was the best decision ever!!! I mean, who doesn’t like Krispy Kreme? We even received a complimentary dozen from them.

Coordinators: Dr. Jem Atotubo-de Villa and Dr. Cathy Marzan (11 out of 10)

Jem’s not really a coordinator, neither is Cathy; they’re my bestfriends who helped with the planning. Jem has experience with coordinating a wedding and also, her cousin is a wedding coordinator so she has a few ideas. Cathy, on the other hand, is my MOH and she super exceeded her MOH duties!

HMUA: Realm Salon Makeup Team with Mr. Ritchie Catalan (10 out of 10)
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Make-up was done by Ms. Ludy and hair was done by Ms. Fe. People said don’t get HMUA from Salons because you can’t be sure of who’s putting on your makeup. Well, I lucked out because the ones I got were great! The salon they came from wasn’t very well known. I only came upon them when me, my fiancé and my MOH went to one of the bridal fairs and they had a free trial makeup. I just had to get one. I’m a sucker for anything free. I liked their makeup, so did my fiancé and MOH. So I booked them right then and there. They were honest and open to suggestions, prompt and easy to talk to.

Florist: Jennifer and Agie Flower Shop Flowers for all occasion (-1 out of 10)

They were the WORST! I was sooo DISAPPOINTED with them. Their only upside was that came early…wait…that wasn’t an upside. They came TOO early that they wanted to leave early! See, the wedding was at 5:30pm and they came at about 7:00am. I couldn’t have them set up yet because there was a wedding before mine. In fact, there were two weddings before mine. They even gave the excuse that they thought the wedding was at 3pm! AND they were charging me extra for making them wait! I gave them an itinerary of the wedding and what time we could setup, so being there too early was not my fault. I also gave them a list…actually, two lists of what flowers I wanted. I wanted carnations for the bouquet and all the entourage flowers. They gave me a few carnations and threw in roses! In fact, 70% of the entourage flowers were roses! Good thing I had a great MOH and wedding coordinator that sorted things out.

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