Thursday, February 11, 2010


Last Saturday, February 6, 2010, I went to visit a beautiful resort along with my hubby-to-be and mom. After 4 hours of driving and getting lost, we finally made it to Laiya and eventually, Virgin Beach. We were directed to the reception area or front desk office of the resort. We were greeted with a smiling face of a girl whose name I neglected to ask. I then inquired about weddings on the resort at which she gladly handed me an album to peruse. The album contained beautiful weddings done at that resort.
I then asked her if we could possibly see their wedding packages. She then roused her “napping” coworker and informed him of our inquiry. Bleary eyed, he turned to us and said, sa Makati office po yung mga ganyan.” So I said, “ahh...wala kayo kahit estimate man lang kung magkano? Or mga kasamang amenities para may idea kami?” to which he replied “kasi walk-in lang and reserved guests lang inaasikaso namin. Sa Makati office po talaga yung ganya.”

Ok, we drove 4 hours to get to the resort, only to have them tell me to turn back and inquire at their Makati office? They didn’t even offer to call the Makati office and get a little bit of information for us. Is that too much trouble? I mean, we went all that way for nothing? I know their staff may have limited information about certain things, but the least they could have offered was a tour at the resort. You know, show the beach, the rooms, the possible set-up. It was such a waste of going all the way there and coming home empty handed and dejected.

This is not a bad review of the resort itself, but of the manner in which we were treated (or mistreated) by the staff. This is to let you know that you have to keep them in check for handling certain clients or customers like us that come to your resort with inquiries like these. It’s very disconcerting.

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