Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Wow! it’s been a while. I knew I couldn't keep this up continuously. But, I had to keep myself busy while I'm “trapped” (for the moment) in my own home.  Not that I'm complaining. I sleep late, get up at noon. Eat when I want, go out when I want. I have no life.

Well, it’s not all that bad really. I just need something productive to keep me occupied otherwise I’ll go nuts! Which brings me to my newest scheme, which I happened to have stumbled upon while surfing the net, PTC. PTC or Paid to click are sites where you click sites or ads and you get paid for them. Easy huh? I’ll admit the money you make here is change compared to what you could be doing. But it’s great if you have nothing else to do and sitting in front of the PC all day. You just need to have time, a PC, an internet connection and a Paypal account or alertpay.

But of course, this is never going to keep me happy and I’ll never be able to buy that Palm Pre I always wanted!

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