Wednesday, October 21, 2009

applying for a job

applying for a job is so freakin' stressful! there's the LOOKING where you surf the net, check the papers and ask some friends about job openings and then there's the actual APPLYING. sending out your resumes, waiting for the call for an appointment. then the INTERVIEW comes where you prepare for the questions they'll ask.

anyway, that's what i think goes on in applying for a job. i just applied to one and i have nothing else to compare it to.
i got through the test tho, and went for the interview. i'm just waiting for the call when the orientation begins and the training, of course. they did give me an alternative regarding the job i was applying for. they asked if i wanted to apply for the admin asst. poistion that just became available (the job i just resigned from the previous company) I have until the training to decide. talk about stressful.

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